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            Later, in the fifth chapter of this paper, the author uses the theory of animation effect design in digital media advertising summarized in the previous chapters to guide the practice, and creates the work "Amy media series advertising short film" in the Cinema 4D technology. The author guides practice with theory, completes practical works through theoretical research, and perfects theoretical research through creation of works. Phylogenetic study of Dryopteris: Based on four chloroplast DNA sequence fragments, the genus cheilosoria Trevis belongs to Dryopteris. Because of morphological evolution, the systematic classification of this group has been controversial. In this study, four kinds of chloroplast DNA sequences (RbCl / Mak / RPS4 / RPS4 TMS) of Dryopteris were amplified by PCR and sequenced. Combined with other related groups, the phylogenetic relationship of the phylogenetic tree was studied by Bayesian and large likelihood methods.

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