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            安徽FAULHABER 2342S006CR直流電機
            The platform is used to verify the effectiveness of the proposed nonlinear state space model and parameter identification method for variable load DC Faulhaber motor double closed-loop speed control system. Through the above research work, this paper psents an integrated identification method for the nonlinear state space model and model parameters of the double closed-loop DC Faulhaber motor speed regulation system with variable load. The practicability and effectiveness of the method are verified by the actual experimental system. In recent years, with the development of machinery, automobile, ship, national defense and other industries in China, the demand for free-form surface products has risen sharply. As a key part of product manufacturing, free-form surface finishing is not only an important indicator to measure a manufacturing industry, but also important to improve the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. With the development of modern high-tech technology and the improvement of NC machining technology, the automation of free-form surface processing has been basically realized.
            FAULHABER 微型電機(micro-motor),是體積、容量較小,輸出功率一般在數百瓦以下的電機和用途、性能及環境條件要求特殊的電機。全稱微型特種電機,簡稱微電機。常用于控制系統中,實現機電信號或能量的檢測、解算、放大、執行或轉換等功能,或用于傳動機械負載,也可作為設備的交、直流電源。
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